Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Amazing People of Enagic - Kangen Water

I have had many positive experiences in my professional career as a photographer but my experience with the folks at Enagic has truly been amazing. Enagic specializes in creating quality, long lasting water ionizers for the health-conscious consumer. Enagic has a wonderfully talented and great spirited group of people. I had the pleasure and opportunity to photograph their President Katsumasa Isobe, their Global Training Director Don Prosser, and their Education Department Director Gotaro Hamagawa. It was day of adventure for sure. We were originally scheduled just to photograph Mr. Isobe but things were going so well and everyone was having such a great time we added on both Don and Go... That's a true positive sign of a fun and adventurous shoot for everyone. We created a studio setup at their location and did outdoor work as well. All around it was loads of fun. I really have to thank Mayumi White of Enagic for making it all possible. Mayumi is the Secretary of National Sales and discovered me. We have all had a fantastic relationship and it continues through our photo coverage another major event for them. It was their Train the Trainers Event in Redondo Beach CA at the Crown Plaza Hotel. All photographs are available for viewing at Our Instaproofs Proofing Site

It has been amazing experience getting to know so many people from Enagic. I even did an impromptu engagement session for a couple from Enagic the next morning after the Trainer's event! It has certainly been one of the best experiences and the water is amazing too! 

Please enjoy these Rockstar Corporate Headshot Photography Spreads for Mr. Isobe, Don Prosser and Go Hamagawa. 

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