Thursday, June 16, 2011

Alba's (Ninoska) Headshots - A Classic Latina Beauty

I was quite surprised and pleased when Alba first met me to inquire about getting some glamorous photos with style. She wanted to help remember an important time in her life and to share them with her friends and family. That's why she came to us over everyone else because we are well known to deliver those high quality stylistic, dramatic and classically gorgeous photographs with great prices too! During our meeting we shared some coffee, tea, good laughs and figured out our options and locations. It was an instant hit. On the day of our session Alba brought her sister Analicia with her to help out. That was awesome. She really increased the fun factor and we all contributed ideas that helped make the magic of the photographs. We had an fabulous time working with the last magic hour of light which is really the best time of day to photograph. There is no substitute for the early morning and late afternoon light. Please see how that light is used to portray Alba as that classic Latina beauty in our photographs. Thank you again Alba (Ninoska)... It was a total pleasure!

(ok originally the sign read HOT ASH ONLY but a little humor was involved and enjoyed!)