Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maricela & Frank's Wedding Photos at the Los Verdes Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I am proud to say that I had the privilege and pleasure to photograph Maricela & Frank's wedding on the Los Verdes Golf Course on March 25, 2011. It was day of skies filled with clouds that yield those awesomely dramatic photographs.The ceremony was beautiful. Immediately following the ceremony, their bridal photographs led us out on a golf cart adventure racing to the horizon over bumps, hills and sharp turns where we wondered if we would tip over! It was a challenge for all three of us. We made it to "The 19th Hole" at the absolute very last moment of light available. To further add to the memory and challenge of this little adventure, the coastal winds were blowing to the point of creating icicles upon our noses. Yet despite the quickly departing light and the freezing winds that could lock up all your fingers, we were all troopers and captured those once in a lifetime awe-inspiring images!! It really was a pleasure to work with both Maricela and Frank. They are both wonderful people. Please enjoy my favorite images from their Bridal Photographs on the "19th Hole." Thank you Maricela & Frank!!