Friday, September 30, 2011

Family Portraits with a High School Friend - Liz & Family

When I received the call from Liz for her family portraits I was quite honestly surprised. Liz lives across the country now and I hadn't heard from her in around 20 years! Let's just say I was amazed and proud to hear from her and believe it or not I actually recognized her voice. She's just got one of those charming and sparkling personalities that everyone likes. Things haven't changed since high school and she looks just as wonderful as she did back then! Despite living across country, Liz still visits wonderful sunny San Diego with her family and wanted to get some new portraits. She did a google and found out that I photograph people around Chula Vista and other parts of San Diego. She put in the call to me and all the fun started from there. We spent some time on the phone discussing what options there were, locations, outfits, fun ideas and all the other good stuff that goes into one of my mini adventures. So we ended up photographing in Chula Vista on the ocean front so we could feature the beautiful park and the wonderful coastline with a sunset. I had an amazing time getting to know Liz again and all her family. It really made my day to spend sooo much time bonding and playing with her two daughters and her son. I really didn't want to give up playing with them but sometimes you gotta call it quits so everyone can go home and eat dinner! Well you can see some of the magic of the day here showing from the beauty of her family in our photos together. I would really love to thank Liz and her husband for taking the time to work with us and making it such an enjoyable afternoon and also for my dear friend Serena for being part of the fun and helping us out with all the kids and the project. Thank you to everyone!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ieshia & Brien Burley's Wedding

I really truly have had the pleasure getting to know Ieshia and Brien Burley very well. I can say it was an honor to photograph their wedding in Torrance at South End and their bridal session in Palos Verdes. Its been a great time getting to know each other since our first meetings and our engagement shoot in Redondo Beach. Brien and I took it a little further and had a great time at the Torrance Elephant Bar a little bit before the wedding date. We discussed details, shared some drinks, food, and great laughs. One of the first things you cannot miss about Ieshia is that she really is a pretty girl. On top of that she has such a tender heart and one of the prettiest and most vibrant smiles. I know they make a wonderful couple. They are a Gung Ho fun couple who knows how to enjoy their life together. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and success. Here are some of their bridal photos of the radiant couple for you all to enjoy.