Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yesenia & Ruvicel's Bridal Session

Recently I had the pleasure to meet Yesenia at the end of March. Yesenia approached me for an inquiry regarding a basic wedding package and bridal photos for a small event. Well it really was a pleasure getting to know her, help figure out what was best and come up with a solution. After a consultation where we reviewed different options for her event, we came up with a great plan. We broke up and customized her package into two session. One day was for her wedding / bridal photos and the other day would briefly cover her dinner event. The dinner event is this weekend and I am really looking forward to it :)

Let's just say normally a bride might be a little nervous about the whole process (and I think she was) but really it ended up going smoothly. Simply, it couldn't have turned out better. On the day of the event I got to meet her husband Ruvicel. He is truly a fun awesome guy that really helped make the shoot a total success. He not only brought great humor and comfort to Yesenia, but he also helped with the reflector to provide additional lighting for Yesenia's solo photographs. Altogether,
the three of us found this synchronicity that gave us such great energy and good times that the warm up process was really brief. We got rolling quite easily into the photo process and had tons of laughs. I have to admit they are quite a handsome and charming couple and I think it really shows. In the end we became really good friends and the photos just came as a part of the adventure and the fun we experienced together.

One of the smartest things that happened is that Yesenia provided for enough time for her photo session. We had enough time to visit at least 6 different location along the Palos Verdes coastline I have to give credit to her for realizing the importance of these lifetime memories and ensuring that the schedule met the requirements. That is something that every bride should do to work with her photographer to ensure an adequate schedule for success. As a result it was smooth and we all had just enough time to capture some incredible memories and tons of laughs all the way until the sunset on the horizon.

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Please enjoy Yesenia & Ruvicel's video of their Bridal Session.