Friday, January 18, 2013

Nancy Coleman of ShapeShift Pilates

Toward the end of last year I had the pleasure of working with Nancy Coleman who is the owner of ShapeShift Pilates in Redondo Beach, CA ( Nancy and I have networked together as part of the SouthBay Woman Magazine Network Group ( for a number of years now. I am the photographer for the magazine. As a result, Nancy approached me to help her with a headshot or portrait photo session. Needless to say I was honored to have the opportunity.

After our consultation I learned significantly more about Nancy. I've always thought she was a great lady but this was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about her and how I could help her. Now some people (many of us) have never had photographs that truly reflected how we really look or flatter us. Our self image comes into question.  Nancy is a radiant person with true natural beauty so I wanted to ensure her that she would not have that problem with our session. My explanation of my ideas for the project and its details I think went along way to help her enthusiasm and create a positive energy. Finding a good photographer is not as easy as you might think. Finding an excellent one that can do more than the basics is even tougher. Well after sharing and listening to each other's thoughts we setup a fun Saturday morning photography session.

Our morning started with a quick coffee and breakfast before we set off for a photo adventure with tons of fun. It definitely helped keep our energy going for the entire session starting with a bunch of laughs! The more fun you have on your photography adventure the more great images that come along as a result of the bonding. Exploring, having fun and sharing time with each other is such a fabulous part of the process. Your comfort goes along way to creating great images!

As a result, we had such a fabulous time together that our session flew by and we got sooooo many amazing images. Was Nancy happy? She told me it was her best experience EVER!!! She also said I should recommend this as a healing experience for people because of the different way she views and can appreciate her self image now. She gained a positive energy from our entire experiences together. I couldn't ask for a bigger compliment than that. Did this positive healing energy lead to something similar in another session.... Amazingly so with another gal named Nancey!! Keep an eye out for her blog to come.

You may reach Nancy Coleman at ShapeShift Pilates here:

ShapeShift Pilates Studio
1848 S. Elena, Suite K
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
In the Riviera Village

(Yes I have personally experienced the healing, energy, body conditioning and physical recovery with ShapeShift Pilates. They are fantastic! )

Please enjoy Nancy Coleman's photos: