Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Amazing People of Enagic - Kangen Water

I have had many positive experiences in my professional career as a photographer but my experience with the folks at Enagic has truly been amazing. Enagic specializes in creating quality, long lasting water ionizers for the health-conscious consumer. Enagic has a wonderfully talented and great spirited group of people. I had the pleasure and opportunity to photograph their President Katsumasa Isobe, their Global Training Director Don Prosser, and their Education Department Director Gotaro Hamagawa. It was day of adventure for sure. We were originally scheduled just to photograph Mr. Isobe but things were going so well and everyone was having such a great time we added on both Don and Go... That's a true positive sign of a fun and adventurous shoot for everyone. We created a studio setup at their location and did outdoor work as well. All around it was loads of fun. I really have to thank Mayumi White of Enagic for making it all possible. Mayumi is the Secretary of National Sales and discovered me. We have all had a fantastic relationship and it continues through our photo coverage another major event for them. It was their Train the Trainers Event in Redondo Beach CA at the Crown Plaza Hotel. All photographs are available for viewing at Our Instaproofs Proofing Site

It has been amazing experience getting to know so many people from Enagic. I even did an impromptu engagement session for a couple from Enagic the next morning after the Trainer's event! It has certainly been one of the best experiences and the water is amazing too! 

Please enjoy these Rockstar Corporate Headshot Photography Spreads for Mr. Isobe, Don Prosser and Go Hamagawa. 

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Fast and Healthy Lunch - Carne Asada Spring Mix Salad and Food Photographs too!!

Todays' fast and healthy lunch is Carne Asada Spring Mix Salad with Queso Fresco, Persian Cucumbers, Japanese Enoki Mushrooms, and my Russian River Chardonnay Salad Dressing.

Make sure you sear your meat on very high heat or grill on high heat. This is the best way to get texture and crispy edges, depth of flavors and keep the meat juicy too!!

Let your meat rest a little bit before cutting so it doens't let out all its juices but don't let it get cold either. The hot steak makes the salad.

As always I love to combine my photography with my cooking. Its two of my favorite things!! It was very hard to take a few minutes to get the photograph. I could hardly wait!!

Enjoy!! (The photograph and the salad recipe)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sea Mist Russian River Valley 2009 Chardonnay to Make a Favorite Low Glycemic Salad Dressing and fun with Food Photography

Here's a great use of your wine as it gets past its time for drinking. Make a great salad dressing out of it with a mason jar. Mason Jars are well reputed for preserving foods and for drinking but they are really fantastic at making dressings too. This dressing used a Russian Red River Wine a little past its time but fantastic for making a dressing because its not too acidic (vinegary) and not completely wine either. Makes it smooth and delicious. It will be used on a thinly sliced cabbage and greens salad with herb roasted Dover sole soon.

For the recipe I am not gonna give you all the quantities. You will have to figure it out. I just went by instinct again without measuring.


Sea Mist Russian River Valley 2009 Chardonnay (your favorite getting older wine or just whatever regular wine you have too)
Olive Oil (I like Trader Joe's Spanish Olive Oil. Its a little spicier with more taste)
Garlic Powder
Vegetable Glycerin (its great because its low glycemic sweetner and diabetic friendly)
Fresh Crushed Black Pepper
Fresh Grated Ginger
Ground Himalayan Pink Salt

Add 1 Part of your wine to the jar. Add approximately 1/2 or 1/3 part of your olive oil. Add your all your ingredients to taste.

Seal your jar and let somebody shake it like mad. Your kids will love shaking it up!!

Sample with a chopstick or other kitchen device. Test to see if it needs to be sweeter or if you like it spicier etc..) Adjust as necessary.

Seal and keep in the fridge. You will love it and it will be better than those $6 or $8 dressings and healthier for you too. It only costs pennies!! Plus its your creation!!

Keep creating and have fun experimenting!!

Spring, Summer and Hot Weather Refreshing Drinks - My Water Infusion Delight & Food Photography

Yesterday was a hot, dry and very parching. It certainly felt like a day for a fresh water infusion beverage and a couple of cool product photographs too. So I took out one of my favorite decanters and made this nice mix of Persian Cucumber, Fresh Mint, Sage and a small bit of Rosemary. Yes I said Rosemary & Sage. If they are young and very fresh they are not quite as intense but very refreshing. Using young rosemary and sage is the key to invigorating your drink but not overpowering it. Its really a treat to have fresh herbs growing in your patio. Try this out and you will love how refreshing, clean and invigorating it tastes... One extra IMPORTANT HINT is to lightly muddle your herbs. Don't pulverize them (especially the rosemary). You just need to release the oils to increase the savor. Its really a no calorie drink too!! Enjoy!!!

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