Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spring, Summer and Hot Weather Refreshing Drinks - My Water Infusion Delight & Food Photography

Yesterday was a hot, dry and very parching. It certainly felt like a day for a fresh water infusion beverage and a couple of cool product photographs too. So I took out one of my favorite decanters and made this nice mix of Persian Cucumber, Fresh Mint, Sage and a small bit of Rosemary. Yes I said Rosemary & Sage. If they are young and very fresh they are not quite as intense but very refreshing. Using young rosemary and sage is the key to invigorating your drink but not overpowering it. Its really a treat to have fresh herbs growing in your patio. Try this out and you will love how refreshing, clean and invigorating it tastes... One extra IMPORTANT HINT is to lightly muddle your herbs. Don't pulverize them (especially the rosemary). You just need to release the oils to increase the savor. Its really a no calorie drink too!! Enjoy!!!

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