Sunday, June 1, 2008

Don't skimp on your wedding photography

Wedding photography is not really "expensive" at all. Consider that you pay more for those throw away frills than you do for something that you will hopefully keep for a lifetime: a memory!

Wedding photographers, true bona fide photographers and not those that pick up a camera and learn the rudimentary mechanics and call themselves "professional" and "photographer" in the same breath... but a REAL wedding photographer is lending you more than his/her camera gear but the know-how to get maximum detail, and that comes from years of experience, training and being up-to-date with today's technology and modern methods and techniques, and having the equipment (which ain't cheap) to perform the required work.

What is the difference? Suppose a member of the wedding party has a rather long nose that she's conscious of, the true-blue photographer will pose everyone in such a way as to minimize physical faults (double chin, lazy eye, take emphasis away from the rather tall girl and the very short and fat man...) by using posing and lighting techniques and will know how to control the guests that the bride and groom want photographed, will avoid excessive glare from someone's eye-glasses, etc.

Not only that, you will also get someone who is professional enough to CARE about his/her craft and you will be sure to get the BEST possible images. Consider this, once the moment is gone, it is GONE forever... who would you entrust to that memory as important as your wedding, an amateur or someone who makes a living doing this?

There is a reason why a professional is called a professional. Yes, some amateurs are talented and can capture an occasional good photo... but the professional has the experience to know when to press the shutter button, as opposed to just machine-gunning the shutter button in hopes of catching a few good photos... and then, there's the importance of cropping and setting the image in the frame of the camera... do you REALLY think that person who has spent so many years honing his skills and talents shouldn't be paid what he feels he/she is worth? If you don't think so, just buy a point and shoot camera and give it to one of your friends and tell that friend to do your wedding...

You don't skimp on the caterer or the florist or the decorations but you want to skimp on something that will last a lot longer... the memory of your most important day of your life? You don't haggle with the caterer, the florist or the reception site management or the limo driver... but you would question a person who is going to provide you with images that will be in the family for decades to come...? Think about that one...

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