Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mandi & Mario's Engagment Session & Wedding Photography

Recently I have had the pleasure to meet Mandi and Mario. We met because Mandi was looking for a great wedding photographer for her day but also for a reasonable package. It ends up we all hit it off very well and she selected me as her Wedding Photographer. Mandi loved my photos and also booked an engagement session to go with her wedding package.

We all took our time to review different locations but decided to something with a non coastal look for her engagement session because we are going to host her wedding and bridal photos up in Palos Verdes. I expect that we should get some great coastal scenic shots that day. So as a result we went for the Mountain look for her session to keep things creative and different. Its how I work so everything isn't canned and its more fun in the approach. They both did great and their portraits turned out fantastic. It made it easy because we all shared fun and laughs through the entire session. Its about having a great time and the photos just along naturally with it.

Please enjoy some favorite samples from the shoot!!

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