Friday, May 1, 2015

Montes Photography Session and Classical Musician Photography

Recently I had the pleasure to photograph one of my friends (Ricardo Montes) and his family from way back in High School. Unfortunately after high school we lost touch with each other. Thanks to Facebook we reconnected in the last year. I discovered that he was married to a beautiful and sweet lady (Sandra) and has two amazing kids. Ricardo and Sandra booked me for two back to back days of photography for his personal family session (nuclear family) and his extended family session with his brother, parents, grandmother and aunt. We had an amazing time shooting all across San Diego including various locations along the water front from Chula Vista to Point Loma to Ocean Beach. It was amazing.

One of the things that stood out as very important was that Ricardo wanted to capture some incredible imagery of his son who is classical violinist. I had seen a couple of snap shots of him on Facebook but I knew we could take the imagery much further. I wanted something scenic and grandiose that any professional classical musician (or any other musician) would be envious to have for their portfolio or album covers. I had certain imagery come to mind which I suggested to Ricardo and it worked out perfectly. One of my favorite movies is the true epic drama Lawrence Of Arabia. Now most people wouldn't think that one could capture a scenic shot of that caliber in San Diego without leaving to the desert but I did. I knew exactly what I wanted and I got it. Its just one of those ways my brain works and making my thought pattern very visual, creative and detailed by utilizing small spaces or large scenic views. It is the last image featured in this brief showing of my favorite images that I captured of his son.

Later there will be perhaps more images to show here as well as on Facebook when Ricardo & Sandra can figure out which of their over 100 favorite images from their session they have to narrow down. Yes that happens quite frequently. I turn out an extremely high number of amazing and great shots for my clients. As a result it takes them quite some time to pick out there all time favorites from their favorites but then I also help guide them through the process too.

Thank you again Ricardo for this wonderful opportunity to reconnect with you and your family. It was truly my pleasure and I look forward to continuing our friendship and connection with your family. It was one of my most rewarding experiences in my photography career to this day. I look forward to creating an album cover to feature your sons musical talent in the future!

Please enjoy these wonderful shots of an aspiring and talented classical violinist on the coastline of San Diego at sunset.