Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Janet & Steve 4-6-08 Rancho Palos Verdes

Janet and Steve tied the knot April 6, 2008 at the lovely Blue Crab in Rancho Palos Verdes. Both their ceremony and reception were hosted in this quaint little restaurant. Decorated simply in browns and whites, guest dined by candle light. We had the pleasure of photographing the entire wedding party across the street in the park. We couldn't have asked for nicer weather. Inside the reception was exquisitely decorated with stark white Casa Blanca Lilies. The bride and groom exchanged vows under a beautiful arch way light with twinkle lights.

The food was fantastic and hosted obviously by the Blue Crab. If you enjoy wonderful food, a delightful staff and lots of fun, be sure to make a special trip to this restaurant.

The Blue Crab is located at :
29601 S Western Ave
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Park Portrait Session - Erricka & Matthew

This past Sunday we had the pleasure of photographing some family portraits. We took Erricka and Matthew to a local park in Torrance. The sun was high overhead creating some really harsh lighting, but we managed to find a few shady places. Their portraits turned out wonderfully and we had lots of fun. I am sure they will be excited to show these off to family and friends.

Ryan McBay 3.22.08 Shoot

(Click on image for larger view)

Yet another trooper from our desert adventure. Ryan is amazing. His look fit perfect into the terrain that day. He does a lot of rugged outdoor scenes as a model/actor. He definitely made things a lot more fun. He has a wonderful sense of humor that isn't seen too often. Having him along for the day was one of the highlights.

be sure to check him out on Model Mayhem

Pamela - Desert Shoot 3.22.08

Ok we finally got around to posting some more photos from the 3.22.08 desert shoot. Pamela rocked this look. We got really lucky and on the fly one of the models asked this biker if we could borrow his bike for the photos. Really added an interesting twist to our shoot. Thats the best part of on location shooting. You never know what will happen. Fantastic job to Pamela the model and Kristine who did the make-up. Keep an eye out this week for more.

See more of her on Model Mayhem

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tina & Guido's Engagement Session

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Last week we had the pleasure of photographing Tina & Guido's engagement photos. The wind was blowing rather hard and cold that Saturday, but they were both such troopers. This couple is so fun loving. It was so hard to keep a straight face as they both joked and played the entire time. Its easy to see they are not just marrying the person they love, but their best friend. They are to be married June 14 in Los Angeles and reception in Huntington Beach.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

What to wear for group or family portraits

Wear similar tones of clothing
Think in black and white tones; if everyone wears dark blue and one person wears white, the eye will be drawn to the person wearing white. If there's a reason that one person should stand out, then do it. If not, change your color selections.

Denim in any color for pants and jackets works well. It's classic, it's informal and it comes in lots of great colors. Best of all, it never goes out of style.
Groom your hands and nails; they usually end up in some pictures.

Avoid patterns, logos, branding, and busy designs
Stripes, plaids, checks and busy patterns like paisley all tend to be distracting.

Avoid anything shiny or reflective
Avoid large, shiny objects like belt buckles, bold jewelry and reflective watches.
Unless your watch has a story, it's best to take it off during your portrait session. In fact, it's best to take it off well before you arrive so the marks on your wrist have a chance to fade.
Classic, elegant jewelry like pearls always looks appropriate.

Beware the color red
It attracts attention! If you want to stand out on purpose, wear red. If you choose red for everybody, it's best if the reds match...

Portrait Tips for Women
Wear long sleeves, or at least three-quarter length sleeves.
Choose v-necks, square-necks and turtlenecks.
Avoid cowlnecks and other floppy necklines.
Avoid buttondowns and crewnecks unless you have a very long neck.
Classic jewelry, like pearls, always makes a great choice.
Blouses with collars that open and lie flat look great over a jacket.
Layers look great. A single-breasted jacket over a tight-fit, square-neck top looks fabulous.
Fitted tops always look better than loose-fitting clothing.
No matter what you choose, make sure you can cross your arms comfortably without the shoulders riding up.
Portrait Tips for Men
The more formal the portrait, the darker your colors must be. You can get away with light colors for an informal portrait or location shots in the summer on the beach.
Turtlenecks look great, especially under jackets.
Do not wear a jacket that is much lighter than what you're wearing underneath it.
Crewnecks sweaters or layers work fine on men. Don't be afraid to wear white t-shirts under buttondown shirts.
Portrait Tips for Children
Dress kids in similar tones. Even though kids may be attached to their superhero t-shirts, let them wear them to the portrait session, just not during it!
Kids can get away with brighter colors and patterns, but avoid logos and branding.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shelley Boozer Studio Session

Shelley Boozer is always a star. She was kind enough to help me test out a new background. Kristine (my assistant) did a fantastic job on the make-up.