Sunday, March 21, 2010

Onsite PC Tech, Data Recovery & Data Backup Services to Help You

Have you considered safely managing your precious photographs and other critical data on your home or business computer systems? Its something we do here at Erik R. Soto Photography on an everyday basis. We have established redundant backup systems and other measures to ensure the safety of our information. Imagine losing all your photos, critical documents or having your computer completely crash and you can’t recover them? That’s one of the most horrible, painful and potentially expensive experiences. In today’s day and age that’s just part of reality and we would like to keep this from happening to you. In order to help keep you safe and happy we now offer Data & PC systems services to the public to help keep you safe and also setup your computers, software, and network systems.

If you have gone through a data or systems crash, then know what we mean when we say its painful to say the least to try to fix or prevent these things from happening without assistance. If you haven't experienced this yet, chances are that you will. Imagine losing all your wedding photos, family photos, wonderful memories, or other critical data. This can because a hard drive starts to crash or you’ve accidentally erased your Memory Cards or other data storage devices. Computers, hard drives and other sytems fail . Its part of Murphy's Law.

Murphy's Law: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."

Its possible to defeat or at least minimize the affects of Murphy’s Law. Its just something you have to be prepared for in order to give you the best measures. You've got to have your bases covered and be ready for Murphys Law in all aspects of life. Its a philosophy that we abide by here at Erik R. Soto Photography.

This being the case, we have had lots of requests to help people out with photo and data recovery, data backup, software & systems requests, PC hardware failure or other technical issues for home and business computes. We people out either before or after events occur. These tasks are not easy and its best to have assistance during the process. We will help you out with your data back up, data recovery or other computer technical support issues.

Please give us a call at (310) 594-7974 or email us at and we will be happy to help figure out a cost effective solution for you. We want to make sure you are safe.

Erik R. Soto Photography On Site Data & Computer System Services

Data Services On Site:

Monthly Data Backup & Hard Drive Cloning

• Backup all your Data & Clone your hard drives to ensure maximum data safety and integrity. In the event that your hard drive is compromised by failure or viruses, your are able to swap out your data or replace your hard drive quickly and easily without worries.
• Up to 3 hours service
• Monthly & Yearly Contracts Available

Protect all your Data with a complete Data Backup Transfer

• Completely backup all your data from your system in case of a system or hardware failure up to 250 GB.

External Hard Drive Setup with Backup Configuration

• Setup up your External Hard Drive for you to connect with it and backup your primary data folder.

Data Recovery On Site

• Flash & Memory Cards Recovery
• Hard Drive Recovery

PC System Services On Site:

PC Setup

• Install up to 3 Software Titles
• Removed Unwanted Programs & Icons for custom desktop configuration
• Setup Individual User Accounts, Individual Access Controls & Individual Passwords
• Create your System Restore DVDs
• Transfer up to 40GB of data

General PC Technical Service

• Custom PC Configurations & Troubleshooting

Installations of Software and Hardware

• Software – Install any software titles on your system. This does not include installation of operating systems.
• Memory (RAM) – Installation, upgrade or replace memory onto computer system
• Drives, Cards or Modems – Install, upgrade or replace your optical drive (CD/DVD drive), graphics/video card, modem, power supply, floppy drive or network interface card (NIC).
• Internal Hard Drive – Install, upgrade or replace your internal hard drive
• Operating System – Install operating system onto your PC
• Wireless Network Device Connection –Connect your wireless device to your computer
• Wireless Network Device Installation – Install your wireless network device software on your computer.
• Peripheral Installation and Setup – Install your printers, All in One Print / Fax / Copy Machines, and digital cameras onto your computer.

Troubleshooting and Repairs

• PC Tuneup – Physically clean your PC internally, Hard Drive Clean up and Defragmentation, Detection of Viruses & Spyware
• Create System Restore DVDs – Create DVD system restore data copies from your hard drives
• System Restore
• Virus / Spyware / Adware Diagnostic and Removal
• Hardware & System Issues Diagnostics
• Diagnostic & Repair of Hardware and System Issues

Torrance / Los Angeles Contact Information:

21143 Hawthorne Blvd #346
Torrance, Ca 90503
Phone: 310.594.7974

San Diego Contact Information:

2127 Olympic Parkway Suite # 243
Chula Vista, Ca 91915
Phone: 619.894.7987