Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fun and Fantastic Corporate Headshots & Portraits

Do your corporate headshots or portraits have to be stale and boring? NO!! You don't have to have the same old solid blue background. There are lots of options for fantastic images. You can have your corporate portrait or headshot on location at one of your business sites to show off your property. You can also use your business architecture to create amazing photographs to set yourself apart from others in your industry to lead a new path of imagery and success. Yes you can have traditional images too, but really when we do it, its fun for everyone and we'll give you a bit extra for an even more memorable experience. You too deserve great images and experiences! Call us at (310) 594-7974 to set something up or email us at

Recent companies that we have worked with to create the images below are:

Frontier REI (Real Estate Investments)
Top Value Fabrics


jelly andrews said...

Thanks for sharing these sample photos. They all look great and seem enjoying the photo shoot. But I wonder how you make it enjoyable and a fun experience for your clients?

Erik R. Soto Photography said...

Its part of my innate character, sense of humor and finding a connection with my clients. Also finding great locations, providing fantastic images and the satisfaction of their photos that they love so they can show an even bigger smile during the shoot. Cheesey humor helps too!!

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