Friday, November 5, 2010

Suprise opportunities for GORGEOUS Photos

Recently I've had two amazing and rare opportunities with incredible light and luck for photos! We were scheduled for a 30th Anniversary and an Engagement Session but I was also lucky enough to squeak in some fast and awesome landscape shots right afterward each session.

These first three photographs were taken at Pt. Vicente and Pt. Fermin right after Ana & Dave's 30th Anniversary shoot. During that shoot I was lucky enough to make a new friend who gave me access to take photos at Pt. Fermin that the general public does not have available. It was a rare opportunity indeed!! A great many thanks (and a new poster) to the cool guy I met.

These last three shots were photographed at Redondo Beach Pier immediately after Tracy & Matt's engagement shoot. The lighting was incredible that day for their photos but also mine. I had to capture the images in the span of a minute or two immediately after their session. There was no time to fiddle around. Either I knew my stuff or I didn't.... I NAILED IT. I hope you enjoy them all!!

ps... always be ready and prepared or you can miss out on a once in lifetime opportunity.

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